Pastel Dye Projects For Spring

Spring is here, so it is a great time to update the old and add more light pastel colours to your dyeing projects. Even bright Tintex colours can make the most beautiful pastels. For lighter colours, just use smaller amounts of any core dye and dilute with very hot water.

Cream or Ivory Dye

You can give basic white lace an 'antique' look by dyeing it cream, just use a small 1/8 tsp of Brilliant Yellow (or substitute tan or tan beige) mixed with 1 cup of very hot water.



Use 1/8 tsp of Brilliant Yellow + 1 cup very hot water to make off-white (add more dye or hot water as needed to adjust the intensity). 


Soft Pink Dye

We love this pastel tie-dye top. To make Rose Quartz (Pantone's soft pink colou from 2016), mix 1/8 tsp Cardinal Red + 1/8 tsp Tan Beige with 1 cup of very hot water.

Pastel The Dye

Update plain white towels with some pink dye. You can find pink at Dollarama or you can mix a custom colour with Scarlet Red and a small amount of Royal Blue.

Pink and Blue Towels

Peach Dye

Change the look of your plain white clothes with a little dye. Use 1/4 tsp of brilliant yellow + 1/4 tsp of tan beige + 1/8 tsp of scarlet red to make peach dye.

Peach Dyed Tank and Brief

Sunset Colours

Scarlet Red, Cardinal Red, Purple or Dark Plum make beautiful tie dyed placemats. Use 1/4 or 1/2 tsp of dye colour mixed with 1 cup hot water and adjust as needed for brighter colours. 


Pastel Tie Dye


Baby Blue

One of Pantones 2016 colours was a light baby blue they called Serenity. Use 1/8 tsp Midnight Blue + 1/8 tsp Charcoal Grey mixed with 1 cup of very hot water to make Serenity.

Blue dyed T-shirts




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