Store Locator: Buy Tintex Products

Tintex products are most often in the craft area of dollar stores, but may also be in the shoe polish or laundry care areas. If needed, a staff member can help you find the appropriate aisle and location. The assortment may vary between stores. Independently owned and non-franchised shops may have different stock. We encourage you to ask the stores in your area about Tintex.

Where to Buy Tintex in Canada

Tintex products are found in selected chain hardware stores, pharmacies and dollar stores. Various smaller, local and independently-owned and operated stores that are non-franchised (not listed) also carry our brand. 

Below are some Canadian stores that have our products, but individual and independently-owned stores also have our dyes. Tintex comes in assorted sizes. Dollar Tree has 32g packages and Dollarama has new 50g packaging (different than our classic package).

You can always shop at our online dye store for a complete selection of dye colours and sizes, while ebay, and have a selection of our products.

Jamaican Stores

Tintex is distributed to these supermarkets and pharmacies in Jamaica.

  • Shopperfair/ Progressive
  • Hi-lo
  • Master Mac
  • Joongs
  • Fontana Pharmacy
  • Monarch Pharmacy
  • Liguanea Drug and Garden
  • Liguanea Lane Pharmacy
  • Discount Pharmacy
  • Manor Park Pharmacy
  • Woolworth