Dyeing Gloves

Change the colour of your gloves with fabric dye to match any coat in your closet. With the cold weather here, now is the time to shop your closet and turn winter accessories any colour you please. Colour Remover lightens fabric before dyeing, use it when you want to dye a dark knit a lighter colour. The existing colour will impact results when over dyeing (ex: red knits will turn purple when our Royal Blue dye is used)


You can transform your existing light (or dark) gloves to a rainbow of options with fabric dye.  Use hand dyeing methods or any washing machine with our products.  Dye will intensify the existing colour or completely change the colour of any knit; add a couple of pairs of gloves into the dye bath for another project.  Avoid shrinkage; don't dye woolens in washing machines. Use the hand dyeing method for knits: allow to cool in dye bath until lukewarm, stir constantly, then thoroughly rinse in cool water until clear. 


Amount of Dye Needed

  • Use 1 package for 1 lb (454g), of cotton, linen, silk, spandex & viscose
  • Use 2 packages for 1 lb (454g), of nylon, acetate, rayon & wool
  • Double the normal amount for dark or bright colours (ex: black , navy, scarlet red...)


Create New Fabric Dye Colours

Test new colours on like fabric before dyeing an entire garment. Mix a colour sample, and completely dissolve 1/8 tsp, 1/4 tsp or 1/2 tsp, of dye(s) in 1 cup of hot water.  Mix new fabric dye colours: using less dye will produce lighter colours, using more dye will produce darker or brighter colours.


Royal, Navy or Midnight blue and any shade between...

Blue gloves

Forest and Kelly green can be mixed in different amounts with blue dyes to create new colours...
Green gloves

Add a little Cardinal or Scarlet red to Purple or Dark Plum to make an impact....

Pink gloves

See what adding a little Royal Blue to Purple will do?

Purple gloves

New red colours are created with different amounts of Cardinal and Scarlet Red...

Red gloves


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