Striped Tie-Dye Napkin Project

Blue & White Tie Dyed Striped Napkin

Hand dyeing stripes is one of the 5 simple tie dye techniques that everyone should try. The blue and white stripes look great with white plates. Use the royal blue napkin as an accent for a bright table setting anytime of the year. 


  • Royal Blue Tintex Fabric Dye
  • White cotton napkin
  • Elastic bands
  • Measuring cup
  • Bowl (ex: stainless steal, plastic container etc.)
  • Spoons
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap


  1. Optional: mark amount of stripes on paper before dyeing.
  2. If needed: mark beginning & end of each stripe lightly on fabric edge of wrong side of napkin (ex: use ruler & pencil/chalk).
  1. Use paper stripe pattern as reference or mark & join dots on fabric edge with elastics.
  2. Tightly wrap all elastics at even intervals on the damp napkin.
  3. The closer together elastics are, the more stripes you will have. Elastic bands resist dye and must be secured tightly for stripes to be noticeable.
  1. Wear rubber gloves and protect work area with plastic.
  2. Heat 2 cups of water with a kettle and completely dissolve dye powder (ex: use a large measuring cup or small bowl). Darker colours use double the usual amount of Tintex per fabric weight.
  3. Pour prepared hot dye solution into a larger dye bath filled with hot water from the kettle (ex: large stainless steel bowl or sink).
  4. Keep fabric in dye bath for 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Adjust time as needed for the intensity you desire (colour is darker when fabric is wet).

Optional: Gently wrap fabric in plastic and set aside for a few hours or overnight. Remove plastic, rinse fabric in the sink until water runs clear.


  1. Remove elastic bands with scissors and rinse fabric again until water runs clear.
  2. Hand wash and air-dry.

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