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5 Classic Tie Dye Techniques

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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy tie dyeing. There are many tried and true techniques to try! Beginners can rest assured that the you don't need to be a master dyer to try the bullseye, spiral, stripe, heart or fold tie dye techniques...Read more

Spiral Tie Dye

Pre-Dissolve Tintex with Squeeze Bottles

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Using Tintex is easy for first time dyers when the dye powder is completely dissolved. Hand dyeing is a great way to start experimenting with fabric dye.

Tie Dye is often done by hand using a bucket or with squeeze bottles. In general, you will get the best results when the water can stay in a very hot state while you dye. Tintex always needs to be completely mixed in very hot water..Read more

Tie Dye Family

Spray Swirl Dyeing

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Get a custom abstract dyeing result using a squeeze or spray bottle. Get creative and use the colours that speak to you. This is a great way to use up extra dye and is a family friendly DIY project...Read more

Spray Swirl Abstract DIY


Dyed Red, White and Blue Glasses

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After we did an easy red and white DIY for Canada Day we did red, white and blue Forth of July/Independence Day project.

Yes, you can use up extra fabric dye for fun projects like dyeing your clear polycarbonate lenses!

We made these colourful dyed glasses with a little extra dye that are perfect for an Independence Day party....Read more

Dyed Glasses

Pink Tintex

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One of the most asked questions we used to get was about how to make the colour pink. Using less Scarlet or Cardinal Red will make pink (adjust amounts used to make lighter or darker intensities). The colour guide has more information about mixing dye colours. 

Now you can also get pink fabric dye bulk exclusively form our store...Read more

Bulk Pink Fabric Dye

Pastel Dye Projects For Spring

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Spring is here, so it is a great time to update the old and add more light pastel colours to your dyeing projects. Even bright Tintex colours can make the most beautiful pastels. For lighter colours, just use smaller amounts of any core dye. 

Mix 1/4 tsp of brilliant yellow + 1/4 tsp of tan beige + 1/8 tsp of scarlet red to make peach. Use 1/8 tsp of Brilliant Yellow to make ivory or cream. To get a soft millennial pink, mix 1/8 tsp Cardinal Red + 1/8 tsp Tan Beige. Use 1/8 tsp Midnight Blue + 1/8 tsp Charcoal Grey mixed to make serene baby blue...Read more

Peach Tank top and Breif    

Dyed Plastic Glasses

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The formally basic clear polycarbonate lenses were in need of an update. Try this quick & easy DIY for coordinated costumes, team outfits or any holiday outfit.

We dyed our clear lenses: scarlet red, royal blue, tangerine orange and brilliant yellow, but you can try any colour combination.

Update your basic clear plastic lenses with fabric dye in a few minutes...Read more

Dyed Plastic Glasses

Tintex is Available at Dollarama Stores

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We are pleased to announce that Tintex will be available with new packaging at selected Canadian Dollarama stores...Read more

Tintex Boxes

Spring Jean Update

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When dyeing denim (or any fabric) the existing colour can be lightened before so you get the best results dyeing a dark colour lighter. Instead of using bleach you can use Colour Remover. Bleach can often leave an unwanted yellow tone, but Colour Remover gently lightens fabric colour without yellowing fabric...Read more


Dyed Pastel Easter Eggs

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Spring is here and soon the Easter egg hunt will begin.  Even if you don't have kids, decorated eggs can be a cute addition to spring tablescape.  

Use up your extra dye by making cute egg designs. Yes, Tintex can dye Easter eggs for decoration (not eating). This is a fun craft that you can do in no time...Read more

Easter Eggs

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