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Dyeing with Pots

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Using the stovetop fabric dyeing technique produces vibrant or deep colours. Avoid using dyeing containers to prepare food, but remember that pots do not need to be fancy.  You can find inexpensive pots at reesale thrift stores, garage sales, kitchen outlets or even big box stores...Read more



2018 Summer Break Shipping Delay

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While, our online store is open during our summer break, orders placed Friday July 20th - Monday Aug 6th will be held until regular shipping resumes on Tuesday Aug 7th. 

Please note that shipping order minimums are still in place at checkoutAll old S&H 'flat rates' for small orders that 'varied by province' are discontinued. Now every purchase gets free shipping at our shop. The Canadian order minimum is $59.50 and the USA order minimum is $79.50. Orders under the new minimums will NOT proceed at checkout. Instead you will get an error message about...Read more

Pre-Dissolve Tintex with Squeeze Bottles

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Using Tintex is easy for first time dyers when the dye powder is completely dissolved. Hand dyeing is a great way to start experimenting with fabric dye.

Tie Dye is often done by hand using a bucket or with squeeze bottles. In general, you will get the best results when the water can stay in a very hot state while you dye. Tintex always needs to be completely mixed in very hot water..Read more

Tie Dye Family

Tintex is Available at Dollarama Stores

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We are pleased to announce that Tintex will be available with new packaging at selected Canadian Dollarama stores...Read more

Tintex Boxes

Dyed Plastic Glasses

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The formally basic clear polycarbonate lenses were in need of an update. Try this quick & easy DIY for coordinated costumes, team outfits or any holiday outfit.

We dyed our clear lenses: scarlet red, royal blue, tangerine orange and brilliant yellow, but you can try any colour combination.

Update your basic clear plastic lenses with fabric dye in a few minutes...Read more

Dyed Plastic Glasses

5 Classic Tie Dye Techniques

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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy tie dyeing. There are many tried and true techniques to try! Beginners can rest assured that the you don't need to be a master dyer to try the bullseye, spiral, stripe, heart or fold tie dye techniques...Read more

Spiral Tie Dye

Canada Day Dip Dye Shorts

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All you need to dip dye or tie dye your plain white cotton shorts to be ready for Canada Day is white fabric & scarlet or cardinal red fabric dye...Read more

Dip Dyed Canada Day Shorts

Update Denim: Dyeing Jeans

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Make dated denim look new or just save money on cleaning. Within an hour you can renew your jeans using the washing machine or by the hand dyeing method. Try this trick seasonally or whenever you want a change of colour.

Don't worry if you are new to dyeing, there are tips to help you get the best result. Easily dye old jeans a new darker or brighter colour...Read more

Dyed Jeans

Make A Dye Colour Sample

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The best way to test your fabric colour is to make a colour sample before dyeing all of your real fabric. If you can't cut off a small piece of your fabric you can use a white paper towel...Read more

Dyed T shirts

Tintex Tues - Dyeing Cotton Rope Edition

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Learn how easy it is for anyone to ::transform:: basic white rope using fabric dye...Greg, one of our talented Dye Testers, lets us in on his creative process. Now you can also create beautiful cord ready to use for home decor, fashion or crafts...after the jump


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