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Living Coral Pantone's 2019 Colour

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Pantone has announced the new Colour of the Year for 2019. Living Coral is a soft warm coral. You can make a custom dye for Living Coral by just mixing these popular colours together...Read more

Living coral

Dyeing Delicate Cashmere Sweaters or Knits

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Tintex products work best with hot water, but you can always adjust the temperature for delicate cashmere knits. Avoid shrinkage by using the fabric care label as a guide of what your correct water temperature should be. Hand techniques keep you in control. If you are using Colour Remover to lighten before dyeing, you can always stop the lightening process and rinse at any time. 

Colour Remover is designed to lighten fabric gently, but your technique impacts dyeing & lightening results. For best results with delicate material, always respect and follow the fabric care instructions (often located at the top centre back seam or along the side seams). Only use...Read more

Dyed Sweater

Tie Dye Tablecloth DIY

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Go from basic to bold and use brightly coloured fabric dye to update your old tablecloth. This easy tie dye DIY project will produce a fantastic addition to your spring or summer picnic or patio. Start off with a white (or off-white) tablecloth and add your favorite coloured fabric dye into the mix. There are many great tips on how to get the best tie dye results available. The basic materials for a tie dye project are simple, you probably have everything at home already...Read More

What Tintex Dyes

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Often people will ask questions about Tintex. We are happy to help you know the fabrics our product responds to. Tintex is for most washable fabric (and cord) made up of natural or synthetic fibres. You can dye many common organic items around your home too. Get creative and add colour to update clothes, renew home accents or make colourful crafts for your friends & family...Read more

Women Holding Dyed T Shirts

Dyeing Gloves

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Change the colour of your gloves with fabric dye to match any coat in your closet. With the cold weather here, now is the time to shop your closet and dye winter accessories any colour you please...after the jump

Red gloves   Blue gloves   

Dyed Paper Garland Tree Decoration

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This fun fabric dye craft is suitable for beginners. In minutes you can match the dye to any tree colour theme. See how white or light paper decorations change into something much more colourful. This is a great Christmas tree decoration DIY project, but you can easily change the colours for different holidays, events or parties...Read more

Dyed paper tree garland decoration

Halloween Candy Corn Tank Top

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One of the easiest Halloween projects is a simple candy corn coloured tie dye.  

You only need to use yellow & orange dye and the result is cute wearable candy corn! Make your own orange by mixing Scarlet or Cardinal Red with Brilliant Yellow.

This project is made even spookier with a crocheted skull.n...Read more

Candy Corn Tie Dye Tank Top

Pumpkin Coaster

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Transform cotton cord into a pumpkin; after dyeing you can add felt accents for the face to make a Jack-O-lantern. Swirl the cord to make a circle (or weave into more complex shapes) and...Read more

Dyed Pumpkin Coaster 

Easy Halloween Queen of Hearts Costume

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There are so many options for Halloween each year, but red and black always look perfect.  The Queen of Hearts is an easy last minute costume that looks great.  Use the things that you already have at home as a base and play up your makeup for a look that will off with their turn heads...Read more

Dyeing Shoelaces

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Who wants to start the world's easiest DIY and turn their plain white shoelaces a new colour?  In a flash you can follow the simple instructions to have a 'tie dye' effect without any fuss--all you need is...Read more   

Dyed shoelaces

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