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Tips For Planning Tie-Dye Designs

Get tips and tricks for getting different patterns & designs on fabric. Avoid surprises and plan your colours and tie-dye pattern before starting. Use an image from google, Instagram or pick out colours that compliment one another. Be generous with your dye solution and always have enough mixed. Each way of gathering fabric will have a different look...Read more

Swirl Tie Dye T Shirt Design

Tie Dye Tablecloth DIY

Go from basic to bold and use brightly coloured fabric dye to update your old tablecloth. This easy tie dye DIY project will produce a fantastic addition to your spring or summer picnic or patio. Start off with a white (or off-white) tablecloth and add your favorite coloured fabric dye into the mix. There are many great tips on how to get the best tie dye results available. The basic materials for a tie dye project are simple, you probably have everything at home already...Read More

Dyed Red, White and Blue Glasses

A fun and unexpected way to use extra fabric dye is to make colourful dyed glasses....Read more

Dyed Glasses

Canada Day Dip Dye Shorts

All you need to dip dye or tie dye your plain white cotton shorts to be ready for Canada Day is white fabric & scarlet or cardinal red fabric dye...Read more

Dip Dyed Canada Day Shorts

Dyed Plastic Glasses

In no time we updated basic clear polycarbonate lenses with some extra fabric dye. Try this quick & easy DIY for coordinated costumes, festival accessories and team outfits...Read more

Dyed Plastic Glasses

Blue & Green Colour Blending

Blue is the worlds most popular colour and we love how blending blue and green creates a beautiful water colour effect on this silk scarf...Read more

   Blue Dyed Silk

Dyeing Wood

Fabric dye easily transforms the look of unfinished wood ::beyond:: the usual stains. Using dye on wood products is fun, affordable and super easy since wide range of looks can be created using materials you already have.  

We dyed plain brown wood clothespins Scarlet Red to make Valentine's Day place card holders and have listed simple steps to dye wood using 5 different techniques.…Read more


Valentine's Day Dyed Red Dress

Update any dress in your closet with Scarlet Red fabric dye for a bright Valentines Day worthy look. You can also choose Cardinal Red fabric dye or you can mix both together for a custom colour...Read more

Red Dress

Dyeing Shoelaces

Who wants to start the world's easiest DIY and turn their plain white shoelaces a new colour?  In a flash you can follow the simple instructions to have a 'tie dye' effect without any fuss--all you need is...Read more   

Dyed shoelaces

Denim Colour Refresh

Easily darken or lighten the existing colour of your blue jeans. Use Colour Remover to lighten the fabric or darken the colour with equal parts black & navy blue Tintex...Read more

Dye or Lighten Jeans