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  1. Basic Tintex Info: Get Dyeing FAQ's, more detailed dyeing techniques than the package and our SDS (Safety Data Sheets). Tintex is a hot-water direct dye designed to work with 'most' washable fabrics. Tintex is NOT for 100% polyester or 100% acrylic. Blends can be dyed properly, only if the majority (65% or more of the fabric content) is made of suitable material for our dye. 
  2. How to Mix Dye Colours or Make Pastels: The Dye Colour Guide gives examples of how to make many new dye colours including pastels. First do a sample colour test with a cup of hot water and a small piece of fabric and adjust the amount of dye used as needed. You can also use this method to recreate a similar colour to a discontinued dye.
  3. There are 18 Dye Colours: Our store has all 18 Tintex dyes (pink is only available here in bulk, but you can buy individual boxes at Dollarama). Other stores may have different selections, but will often have a good selection of dyes (make more colours by mixing 2+ dyes together or make pastels by using less dye). 
  4. Prepare Fabric Before Dyeing: Colour Remover creates an off-white base on darker fabric that you want to dye a new lighter colour. When over-dyeing you can use colour theory to counteract the existing colour if you are dyeing a new, darker colour.
  5. Whitex Wonder Whitener: Uses a small amount of blue and non-bleach brighteners to improve the look of white fabric. Whitex brightens already white fabric, it is not designed to lighten fabric before dyeing.
  6. Where to Buy Tintex: Selected Canadian chain and independently-owned stores have an assortment of our products (Canadian drug stores, dollar stores, grocery stores and hardware stores). Buy Tintex at our dye shop or from other online sellers. Use the store locator and contact a store near you -- Tintex is found in the arts & craft, laundry or shoe polish areas.
  7. Location-Based Store Order Minimum:  New 2024 order minimums are in place to proceed at checkout (Canada is $120 and the USA is $160).  A message of 'not being able to ship to your location' will appear if your cart total is below the order minimum. *Store ships to Canadian or USA addresses only.

Tintex Brand Inquires:

We arrange the distribution of 'Tintex Branded Products' throughout Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. 

Contact our office weekdays 7:30am - 4:00pm (closed for all Canadian and Ontario specific holidays).
Phone: (613) 652-1533 Fax: (613) 652-4518

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