Lighten Fabric with Colour Remover

Tintex Colour Remover

Colour Remover is used before dyeing to lighten dark fabrics and/or improve dyeing results. You can also use it to lighten the existing colour for a totally new look (dark blue jeans can be turned many shades lighter) without dyeing.

As a bonus feature, some stains may be removed after a lightening treatment.  Results vary; there are few remote cases where colour cannot be removed from a home process. When lightening aim for a creamy ivory or warm winter white colour. Black or navy fabric won't suddenly turn snow-white, but could change enough to dye a lighter colour -- for a totally new look.

Lightened Jeans

    Hand vs. Machine Lightening

    Stovetop lightening may get darker fabric to an ivory, cream, off-white or warm white base colour (results vary due to fabric type, technique and time in solution). The stovetop is a little more involved than using a machine because you simmer & agitate fabric.

    Some appreciate the lighter results of using the hand method; others prefer the convenience of the machine. Use the lightening method that appeals to you the most -- lighten as many times as you want.

    Lightened Clothes

    One box of Colour Remover lightens 1-pound (454 grams) of fabric. Always follow the garment care labels when choosing water temperature and adjust if necessary.  

    Lightening times may vary from a few minutes to well over the 20-40 minute average.  It all depends on technique and fabric content.  Special finishes can impact lightening.  Prints may, or may not lighten.

    How to Lighten Fabric Using Colour Remover:

    In just a few steps creative and exciting new looks can be created just by lightening the fabric with Colour Remover.

    1. Start with clean fabric (wash & rinse before)
    2. Dissolve the required amount of powder with hot water (follow the garment care label to choose the best water temperature)
    3. After the powder is completely dissolved, place the wet fabric in prepared hot water
    4. Ensure lightening solution covers all fabric for an even lightening result***
    5. Agitate the fabric until desired lightness has been achieved
    6. When you are happy with the lighter colour,  rinse completely, then wash/dry as usual 

    ***Fabric covered in solution will lighten, fabric not in solution will stay original colour -- create abstract designs by not covering fabric completely with solution

    More detailed product instructions are found in the dyeing techniques section of our website.