Choose the perfect size for your next project: 55g boxes, 12 x 55g packs and the bulk Professional Line

Create With #TintexDye

Tintex Fabric Dye 55g Boxes Get a brand new look or just renew faded fabric colour. Our products are easy-to-use even for first time dyers. You can try hand dyeing techniques or use Tintex in any washing machine. Whether you are into tie-dye, ombre or just a new solid colour you can create with colour. 

Choose Tintex Brand 55g boxes in every colour or get the best price for bulk sizes (12 x 55g packs, 24 x 32g packsTintex Professional Line are not found in other stores).

  1. Tintex is used to add colour to fabric, feathers, paper, wood, cork and more.
  2. Colour Remover lightens fabrics to a creamy colour and is often used before dyeing.
  3. Whitex Wonder Whitener uses optical brighteners instead of bleach to make white fabric look new. 

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