Bleach-Free Whitex Brightens Fabric

Tintex Whitex Wonder Whitener

Whitex's Optical Brighteners Get The Brightest Fabric

Whitex Wonder Whitener is not a bleach, but it whitens & brightens all natural fabrics, blends and most synthetics.  You only need a small amount to change the look of your clothes.  

Whitex's secret is the optical brighteners that make white fabric look bright (without any yellowing). Whitex was specifically designed to keep washable fabrics looking brighter longer.  See the difference it makes on natural & manufactured fabrics like: nylon, acetate, rayon, silk, wool, linen & cotton

Get Bright White Clothes Without Using Beach

Whitex gets fabric bright

Instructions for Using Whitex Wonder Whitener

HAND METHOD: Add one teaspoon to one gallon (5 liters) of warm water or, for silk, one teaspoon to two gallons of warm water (10 liters). Add damp prewashed item to this mixture and stir for several minutes. Rinse article, wash and dry as usual.

WASHING MACHINE METHOD: Wash article as usual and leave damp. Add one teaspoon of Whitex Wonder Whitener to your washing machine and fill with water as usual. Add the article to the washing machine and run it through the wash cycle.

Note: Always respect the special care instructions of the article for either method. Only use the hand wash method for silk. Protect work area and wear rubber or plastic gloves.