Holiday Crafts and Decorations

How would you like to add a pop of bold red to holiday gift tags & more?  Sure, green & red is the most traditional Christmas combination, but any other festive holiday colours will work.  

You can always match your home decor to your holiday decor.  We will use red an an example but use the colour that appeals to you the most...It's easy to dye paper with Tintex that you already have on hand.  Let's take a look at some festive example of crafts that you can do with the family:

Cardinal Red Cards - start with plain or textured paper and use a brush to paint, splash or even dip into the dye solution.


Scarlet Red Buttons - dye clear nylon buttons by placing them in the dye solution and use the buttons to accent gifts for a personal touch. 


Cardinal Red Clothespin - dunk plain old clothespins into the dye solution to add personality.  They can be used as place card holders, wreath accents or even on the tree.

Adding a little red dye goes a long way to getting major holiday impact.  How would you add red to create festive holiday decor in your space?

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