Ice-Dyed Wool Coat

We love this beautiful wool coat that was hand dyed in a different way with Tintex. A plain wool blanket was ice dyed to create the base for a custom made costume with intricate red leather trim. The finished green coat is stunning and we appreciate the creativity and skill Anne has.

Tintex is a hot water dye, but it can still be used for ice dyeing. Ice dyeing will work on delicate fabrics that may be prone to shrinking at higher temperatures, but it can also be used to create a 'marbled effect' on many other fabrics.

It is always ideal to do a quick colour test on a small piece of fabric just to be sure that you are happy with the colour results. If possible, prepare all of your fabric by washing (avoid fabric softener) to try and remove any special finishes before starting your dyeing project. 

Ice Dyeing Tips

Damp pre-washed fabric is placed on a rack inside a large plastic bin. Ice is used to completely cover the fabric and the Tintex fabric dye powder is sprinkled overtop the material. The ice melts and the fabric may be set aside (for a few hours or overnight) and later rinsed until the water runs clear. You may also ice dye in a bucket or even a small plastic/glass jar depending on your fabric size. Different patterns and/or colour blending can be created by using more than one dye colour. You can adjust the amount of dye used to create different colour intensities.

If you have used our products for a dyeing project be sure to tell us about it. We would love to show off your work too! #Tintex #TintexDye #TintexFabricDye

Have you ever tried ice dyeing before or do you use a different technique to ice dye?

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