Think Tangerine

Tangerine Orange fabric dye is versatile. It can be bright and bold or used to make lighter shade. To create a custom colour adjust the amount of dye used to get an apricot or peach colour. When more dye tis used the colour will be brighter or deeper, when less dye tis used the colour looks lighter.

Orange Fabric Dye Transforms Home Decor

Orange table setting

People love orange around the holidays because it is such a warm and inviting colour.  Restaurants have added orange to the decor to help stimulate the appetite of customers.  Use fabric dye to add pops of orange to your space for a big style impact: 

  • Create an inviting table setting:  dye your white Thanksgiving napkins, placemats or table runners to add warmth to any gathering
  • Accessorize with orange: update your decorative throw pillows, blankets or bed linens in the bedroom
  • Change your space on a budget: update slipcovers for a new look that is easy to change when the mood strikes, dye sofa pillows or throws for a cozy atmosphere 
  • Dress up that window: dye curtains, fabric tie backs or even fabric or bamboo blinds for a flattering warm glow 
  • Warm up the bathroom: dye cotton towels, bath mats or fabric shower curtains to energize you when you wake up

Update Clothing with Fabric DyeOrange sweater

Add orange to your wardrobe with fabric dye, how far you go is up to you.  Dye an entire garment orange or add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit with a fabric tote or a scarf.  Experiment with different dyeing techniques to add interest to basic parts of your wardrobe:

  • Brighten up basics: dye jeans, t shirts, tanks, skirts, and dresses
  • Add value to your knits: dye sweaters, cardigans, gloves and scarfs
  • Pattern adds personality: ombre or tie dye for to create new patterns on your clothing or accessories, imagine what difference a little pattern will make on a plain t shirt
  • Use different dyeing techniques: experiment with squeeze bottle, spray bottles, sponges, brushes or even cotton balls to add orange fabric dye to your clothing
Creative Fabric Dye Crafts Dyed cotton rope

Use orange to add personality to your crafts.  Easily change the ordinary into the extraordinary with dye.  Earlier we posted about a beautiful Cotton Rope project, dyed orange cord can accent family cards, holiday gift tags or gift bags. 

  • Create unique paper accents:  create patterns and designs on scrapbook paper, gift cards, and matting for pictures
  • Go beyond standard wood stains: dye decorative wood bowls, tables, picture frames or decorative chopsticks any colour
  • Dye plain cord or rope:  dye cotton cord and use it to wrap holiday gifts, hang Christmas ornaments for the tree or for other crafts  


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