Ombré is a hand dyeing method of creating a gradual shaded look. This technique blends light/pastel colours together with much more vibrant or deep colours.

Dyeing times for creative techniques like dip dyeing or ombre may vary depending on the desired colour intensity. Usual dyeing times range from 30 – 60 minutes for basic techniques. In general, darker colours need longer while lighter colours need shorter times; adjust dyeing time as needed for your project.

  1. Use rubber or plastic gloves to prevent staining hands, protect work area with plastic wrap and/or newspaper.
  1. Wash fabric before dyeing (avoid fabric softener), fabric must be clean and stay damp.
  2. Fill a bucket/sink or bathtub with heated water.
  3. Completely dissolve Tintex powder with 2 cups (500ml) of hot water (avoid breathing dust, use with adequate ventilation).
  4. Add the dye solution to the bucket/sink/bathtub and mix together evenly
  5. Dip the bottom third of the fabric into the dyebath. Leave it submerged under the water until fabric is slightly darker than needed (fabric appears darker while wet).
  6. Add another 1/3 of your item into the dyebath leaving it immersed until the colour is slightly lighter than the first colour.
  7. Dip the remaining area of fabric and remove it when it is slightly lighter than the last time.
  8. Gently squeeze the extra dye solution out of your item but do not wring.
  9. Run lukewarm or cold water down from the lightest shade to the darkest to remove extra dye until water runs clear. 
  10. Allow your item to air-dry and iron on a low setting when slightly damp.
  11. Clean the work station as soon as possible to avoid stains.
  12. Wash fabric in warm water with laundry detergent, alone or with similar colours.