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Dyeing Cashmere

Treat cashmere delicately and update the colour with fabric dye. We suggest using the hand dyeing method when possible on all delicate cashmere more


Update Denim: Dyeing Jeans

Make dated denim look new or just save money on cleaning. Within an hour you can renew your jeans using the washing machine or by the hand dyeing method. Try this trick seasonally or whenever you want a change of colour.

Don't worry if you are new to dyeing, there are tips to help you get the best result. Easily dye old jeans a new darker or brighter colour...Read more

Dyed Jeans

Removing Blue Optical Brighteners From Fabric

Recently we were asked how to remove a blue colour from fabric that had just been brightened with Whitex Wonder Whitener. The brightener is blue; only a small amount is needed to enhance your fabric. If you can see a blue colour on your fabric -- you have used too much product. One easy way to lighten the blue colour is to...Read more

Dye Delicate Sweaters or Knits

Cold temperatures makes us want to throw on a cozy sweater, but knowing how to reduce fabric shrinkage while dyeing is helpful. The hand dyeing method...Read more

How to Make a Colour Sample

The best way to test your fabric colour is to make a colour sample before dyeing all of your real fabric. If you can't cut off a small piece of your fabric you can use a white paper towel...Read more

Dyed T shirts

How to Mix Burgundy Dye

Describing how you want your colour to look like can help you know what dyes to use in your new colour formula recipe. Laurie wanted to now how to make burgundy or wine-red using Tintex...Read more

Burgundy Swatch

Dyed Alpaca Project

Alpaca is another natural material that can be dyed with Tintex. It is collected from an alpaca and the fibres can be spun. Alpaca is warm and is more suitable for people with sensitive skin because it is not prickly or itchy like wool may be. You can use the hand dyeing technique for this material...Read more 

Dyed alpaca accessories

Dyeing Wood Buttons

You can use fabric dye to add character and colour to more than just fabric. Tintex will dye unfinished wood without chipping or peeling. Try this simple DIY to update buttons, beads or other...Read more

Dyed Wood Buttons

Spray Swirl Dyeing

Get a custom abstract dyeing result using a squeeze or spray bottle. Get creative and use the colours that speak to you. This is a great way to use up extra dye and is a family friendly DIY project...Read more

Spray Swirl Abstract DIY


Dyeing Renews Denim Colour

You can easily renew your denim using Tintex and the hand dyeing method (or use the washing machine). If your jeans have faded evenly you can simply over-dye the existing colour with dye...Read more