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Fashion Fri - Dye Your Knit

Changing the colour of your sweaters is easy with fabric dye, to avoid shrinkage, check the care label for your knit before starting...after the jump

blue knit     

Tintex Tues - Dyeing Pants

Cindy loves to upcycle the clothing that she finds in thrift stores. She sews and dyes her finds to look new again and again...after the jump


Fashion Fri - Red Coat Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming, so lets focus on red & black fabric dyes that will help you create elements that can be worn again...after the jump


Want the Facts Wed - Light Colour

What do you do when your fabric dyeing results turn out lighter then expected? We run down some of the common reasons that you may be getting light colour results...after the jump


Tintex Tues - Dyeing Silk Fabric

There is nothing like the feel of silk and one of the most luxurious fabrics is easy to dye...after the jump


Want the Facts Wed (WTF) - Dyeing Carpet Edition

There are many ways to use fabric dye that go off-label. Once you know the basics about mixing the dye powder with hot water you are free to start experimenting with colour. Some materials aren't going to have the best results. Is Tintex suitable for...after the jump

grey carpet   green carpet

Fashion Fri - Ombre Shorts

Summers on the way out ~but~ it isn't done yet, it is still warm and sunny where we are (lucky us). In a few easy steps you can create cute ombre shorts just like Dye Tester Genevieve did - after the jump....


 ombre shorts hand dyeing  

Style Setters in Red & White

Now that the long weekend celebrating Canada’s big 1-4-6th is over we can look back at the great times, good food and *tons* of red & white. Here are some of the best looks that we saw yesterday…Read more

Canada Day Red & White outfit

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