Fashion Fri - Ombre Shorts

To create custom ombre (in this case) purple shorts You will need: Tintex Fabric Dye in Purple #2, Colour Remover #70, a plastic  bucket, plastic to cover work area and plastic or rubber gloves to protect hands.

use tintex colour remover to ombre shorts

Remove the colour on the bottom half of the shorts using Colour Remover (follow box instructions).  You will be able to control how light they become, so remove and rinse well when they are as light as you like.

use tintex fabric dye to dye ombre shorts purple

Mix the purple dye & hot water to make a solution then add the shorts.  You can add more or less dye to customize the intensity of the colour. Decide if you want a 'high-contrast 2-tone 'or a 'gradual multi-intensity' ombre' look.

  • If you want a high-contrast look then dye the lightest part of the shorts with purple  
  • For a gradual ombre look dip the shorts into dye solution 1/3 of the way (where the colour was removed) until they are the deepest colour, remove dip again for a shorter period of time 2/3 up for a slightly lighter purple remove and finally dip the rest of the shorts for the shortest amount of time to get the lightest colour 

rince well to remove dye when using tintex fabric dye

Rinse the shorts well until the water runs clear to remove all of the extra dye, wash & dry shorts as usual but keep with like colours.

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