Tintex Tues - Dyeing Silk Fabric

Even though dyeing silk is easy, some people may be nervous about using such a luxurious fabric for DIY's.  Over the summer Sarah, part of a talented Canadian Dance Troupe, dyed white silk veils a beautiful blue-green colour.  

We love the vibrant colour that she got from blending different fabric dyes together: 

  • Midnight Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Peacock Blue (original dye colour)
  • Forest Green 
  • Charcoal Grey

Hand Dyeing Method for White Silk Fabric:


The weather was warm enough for her to hang the dyed veils to dry outside.  We love how the fabric moves...there is nothing like silk.

silk veil drying outside   silk veil in wind

How did she get such great results?  Sarah used the hand dyeing method to transform the white into the pretty tropical blue-green.  She used rubber gloves to protect her hands from staining.  A large stainless bowel was also used for each colour of dye (for a single colour a sink or bucket could be used).


Steps for Dyeing Success:

  • Always protect your work area and wear rubber or plastic gloves to prevent staining.
  • Tintex works best with the hottest water the fabric can handle
  • Mix the powder dye with water (until the powder is completely dissolved)
  • Pour the solution into a bowel or use a sink that will not stain (Sarah used a large stainless steel bowl)
  • Dip silk into the solution for 5 minutes (or until the fabric is as dark as you want)
  • Rinse in cold water, dip a portion in green (until the fabric is as dark as you want) 
  • Rinse in cold water until water runs clear
  • Hang silk to dry (Sarah hung the silk veils on a clothes line) 

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