Tintex Tues - Dyeing Pants

Cindy loves to upcycle the clothing that she finds in thrift stores.  She sews and dyes her finds to look new.  We love this approach, instead of ending up in a landfill clothes get a second chance (and you get to be creative). 

Dye White Pants Red

Start out with white pants and dye them red using the hand dyeing sink technique, for a fun change that is perfect for fall... 

red jeans

Change the Colour Again

Re-dye fabric again & again when the mood strikes; Colour Remover lightens existing fabric colour, but you could over dye (without lightening first) too.  The existing shade will impact results, for example: dyeing red over blue will make purple if the colour isn't lightened.

Hard to believe that these jeans used to be white...
white jeans dyed blue

Turn your white summer jeans red for fall....

red jeans

Or use fabric dye to transform your white jeans into many shades...Midnight, Royal or Navy Blue. Play around with intensity to make custom colours.  Experiment adding Charcoal Grey to any blue for a cooler colour or add a touch of Kelly Green to your favourite blue...

 blue jeans

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