Tintex is Available at Dollarama Stores

Tintex is available with new packaging at selected Canadian Dollarama stores. Stores have our new 50g size of assorted dyes. You can use the Dollarama store locator and contact the store to ask about dye availability (fabric dye is found in the arts & craft aisle of Dollarama).  Use the 50g boxes for 1-pound (454g) of a light colour or 1/2 pound of a dark colour (*dark colours use twice the usual amount of dye).

Available Dye Colours in Different Packaging:

The Dollarama dye colours are a good mix of bright and neutrals that are perfect for any project. Remember you can always mix 2 or more dyes together to create even more dyes. You can also make any colour a pastel by using less (do a dye colour sample test first).

Scarlet Red, Fuschia, Tangerine Orange, Brilliant Yellow, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Purple and Black fabric dye is now available in special packaging!

Dollarama Tintex Fabric Dye 50g Boxes

Prints, patterns and stained fabric may not dye evenly. Avoid dyeing fabric treated with special finishes. Tintex is a hot water dye that is not for 100% polyester or 100% acrylic fabric. Tintex is for most washable fabrics like: cotton, linen, silk, nylon, wool. Blends are dyeable, if 65% is made of suitable fabric. 

If you need to dye a dark fabric a new lighter colour, you can lighten fabric with Colour Remover. The process will create an off-white or cream colour base colour. You can 'overdye' but the existing colour will effect the results, you can counter that with colour theory

It is important to prepare your material before dyeing. Make sure to wash fabric without using fabric softener and keep it damp before starting. It is helpful to do a small fabric colour test on a scrap or unseen area of your real fabric or if needed you could substitute a white paper towel only if your fabric is white. Wear rubber gloves and protect work area from staining. 



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