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We are pleased to announce that Tintex will be available with new packaging at selected Canadian Dollarama stores. The Canadian Dollarama stores that carry Tintex Fabric Dye will stock a new 50g size of assorted bright & deep colours. You may use the Dollarama store locator to contact the store near you to inquire about their Tintex selection. The colour assortment may vary and only selected Dollarama stores will carry our fabric dye.

Dollarama Tintex Fabric Dye 50g Boxes

Dollarama will carry these colours:

  • Scarlet Red
  • Fuschia
  • Tangerine Orange
  • Brilliant Yellow
  • Forest Green
  • Navy Blue 
  • Purple
  • Black

Use the new 50g boxes for 1 pound (454g) of a light colour or 1/2 pound of a dark colour. Prints, patterns and stained fabric may not dye evenly. Darker colours use more dye and you can make pastels just by using less dye. All of the dyes can be mixed together to create new custom colours.

Basic Fabric Dye Tips:

Tintex is NOT for 100% polyester or 100% acrylic fabric. Tintex Fabric Dye is created for most washable fabrics (example: cotton, linen, silk, nylon, wool). For best results material must not contain more than 40% acrylic or polyester fabric. Do not use on rubber, metal, fibreglass or fabric treated with special finishes. 

For many projects it is ideal to lighten fabric with Colour Remover (to an off-white or cream colour) before dyeing. You can overdye but the existing colour will effect the results.  As an example, existing red fabric will turn purple if you dye it royal blue (without lightning it). 

It is important to prepare your material before dyeing. Make sure to wash fabric without using fabric softener and keep it damp before starting. It is helpful to do a small fabric colour test on a scrap or unseen area of your real fabric or if needed you could substitute a white paper towel only if your fabric is white. Wear rubber gloves and protect work area from staining. 



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    1. Tintex August 08, 2017


      If you have a dyeing and/or product question unrelated to the blog post, the ‘Contact Us’ page is an ideal way to get a quick answer. https://tintex.ca/pages/contact

      Tintex Fabric Dye

    2. Tintex August 08, 2017

      Hi Linda,

      Colour Remover is designed to lighten fabric colour. It may help you remove or lighten some or all of the blue dye from your towels. You are welcome to experiment and see how it goes. If you have already bleached them and the colour is still remains there is a chance that your results could vary. The only way to know is to get a box and see how it goes on your fabric.

      Whitex Wonder Whitener actually uses blue optical brighteners to make white fabric appear brighter. You may not need to use Whitex in this case, unless your towels are dingy looking from the bleach that you used. If you decide to use Colour Remover and it is able to lighten or remove the blue dye you could in theory use Whitex.



      If the blue still remains you could optionally dye them a totally different colour (after lightening them first) or over dyeing (dyeing without lightening the existing colour).

      Tintex Fabric Dye

    3. Linda August 03, 2017

      I have 6-new,cotton white towels that were washed in hot water with a blue towel. I have washed them twice with detergent & javex, oxyclean without any change in colour.
      The towels are blued with blue lint. How do I whiten the towels?
      Whiten Wonder Wintex? Are there other options?

    4. Hi Kerry July 25, 2017

      We are sorry that you couldn’t purchase black Tintex at the Harbour Centre Dollarama in Vancouver. Black is the most popular dye that we have. Many people appreciate how practical and easy it is to dye their faded black fabric.

      The Dollarama staff may have been able to tell you if there was more product in the back.

      Tintex Fabric Dye

    5. Kerry July 20, 2017

      Hi, I sawTintex at the Dollarama at Harbour Centre in Vancouver yesterday, but they had every colour but black. I’m just looking for black.

    6. Tintex June 26, 2017

      Hi Fred,

      We are sorry that you were unable to purchase Tintex at a Dollarama in Mississauga or Thornhill. The new packaging is only available at selected Dollarama stores. The Dollarama staff may have more information about their store stock.

      Tintex Fabric Dye

    7. fred June 06, 2017

      I can’t find Tintex anywhere in the Mississauga or Thornhill areas.

    8. Tintex Fabric Dye June 06, 2017

      Hi Mark,

      We are sorry that you were unable to purchase Tintex in your area.

      The new packaging is only available at ‘selected’ Dollarama stores. It may be helpful to ask the store manger about Tintex so they know that there is interest in fabric dye at that location.

      Tintex Fabric Dye

    9. Mark Paull June 01, 2017

      Checked 3 Dollarama and 2 walmarts and no one has Tintex. Walmat has a few..

    10. Kary May 03, 2017

      Wow thats great I will def look into getting the new pink colour!