2018 Summer Break Shipping Delay

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While, our online store is open during our summer break, orders placed Friday July 20th - Monday Aug 6th will be held until regular shipping resumes on Tuesday Aug 7th. 

Tintex Online Store Shipping Review

Please note that shipping order minimums are in placeAll old S&H 'flat rates' for small orders that 'varied by province' are discontinued. Yes, this does mean that orders will need to be larger than before, but now every order has free shipping. Dye products are practical to purchase in bulk and can be stored for later use. 

The Canadian order minimum is $59.50 and the USA order minimum is $79.50. There are no exceptions to the new order minimums and orders below the minimums will not proceed at checkout. You will get a message about 'not being able to ship to your address' if you try and checkout with too few items in your cart for your country. Increase the order to checkout as usual.

Other Online Stores That Sell Tintex

*ebay.ca, amazon.ca and well.ca also have a selection of our products and they have different shipping policies.

Retail Stores That Sell Tintex

You can often find Tintex products in the craft area or shoe polish areas or Canadian stores. If in doubt ask a staff member where their dye products are located, so you can easily find the right aisle. The assortment of products may vary. Independently owned stores have different selections (some may have fabric dye products while others may not). Please contact the stores directly about their assortment. 


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  1. Tintex August 01, 2018

    Hi Frances,

    The assortment of Tintex may vary depending on the store. Tintex products are located in the craft, shoe polish or laundry care areas of Canadian stores. At this time, it is best for you to contact the stores directly about their stock levels.

    Dollarama or Dollar Tree don’t have Colour Remover but Buck or Two Plus may have a different section. You can always order online and purchase one box of Tintex Colour Remover at Amazon.ca or Well.ca. Our online store has Colour Remover in different sizes, but there is an order minimum in effect. It may be more suitable for you to purchase at another online store if you only need one box.

    Tintex Fabric Dye

  2. Frances Hellen August 01, 2018

    I am trying to find Tintex Colour Remover, but none of the places the Tintex website suggests carries it.
    Can you please let me know where in Toronto I can find one package.

    Tilley Hats told me to get your product.

    Please advise.
    Frances Hellen