Tintex Tues - Dyeing Cotton Rope Edition

You can easily transform more then just fabric using fabric dye, just like one of our Talented Dye Testers did.  Greg makes nautical items using 100% cotton rope.  He recently began experimenting using fabric dye to add colour to the basic white rope.  The finished result is so great that we just had to share his work...

About an hour creates custom dyed rope for clothes, accessories or home décor projects...

  • Cut 8 pieces, of a 3 strand, 100% cotton ¼” rope, 11’ long
  • Reduce shrinkage, add an extra 12” to finished length
  • Boil approximately 3.5 liters of water, follow box instructions for preparing dye solution
  • Pre soak rope in water for 20 minutes to get best dyeing colour, (while rope soaks, air bubbles will come out)
  • Add boiling water to sink, add Tintex, stir until dye is completely dissolved, then add cotton rope


  • Make sure rope is straight and covered with dyeing solution
  • For up to 20 minutes, flip rope around with a spoon 
  • If needed, add weight to rope (ex: old board), submerge each side of rope for 10 minutes


  • When rope is desired colour, rinse with cool water; remove from dyebath and run entire length through cold water 
  • Do not wring, hang to dry (protect floor with plastic or place a bucket under rope, to catch any drips)
  • Drip dry for 24 hours or more depending on the temperature



Use the dyed rope for crafts, fashion or home decor accents... 



Check out more of Greg's amazing work using Tintex Fabric Dye


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