Don't Dye List: 6 Items to Avoid

To dye or not to dye? We like to focus on all of the interesting items that our all-purpose hot water dye can dye.  Form time-to-time we get questions about materials to avoid.

Bleach stained items may not be suitable to dye

Avoid Dyeing These Items:

  1. 100% polyester & 100% acrylic fabrics
  2. Waterproofed, scotch-guarded (or fabrics with any other special finishes)
  3. Delicate dry-clean fabrics (that don’t like hot water)
  4. Items with permanent stains or bleach stains
  5. Fabric backed with rubber (or similar)
  6. metal & glass

Tintex is a hot water dye so it is best to keep water temperatures at 140°F to get the best result. Some delicate fabrics may not be suitable for such hot temperatures.  Always check the care label on your garment to determine the best temperature to use in your dye bath.

Many More Items & Materials You Can Dye:

  • paper (try light coloured crepe paper or scrapbook paper)
  • wood (go beyond traditional stains and dye stain your next wood project)
  • cotton (update your white summer jeans a dark plum for winter)
  • linen (create a holidayl tables cape: dye a tablecloth or napkins in your favourite accent colour)
  • silk (change the look of a dress or slip)
  • nylon 
  • acetate
  • rayon
  • wool (fall & winter means more layers, update your knits with cheery colours)
  • spandex (jazz up a halloween costume)
  • viscose  (add a pop of colour)
You can even change the colour of nylon-plastics (everything from halloween wigs to bangles).  Next time you dye take a look at the fabric content or material to determine if it is dye-friendly -- there is a good chance that it is.


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