Removing Blue Optical Brighteners From Fabric

Recently we were asked how to remove a blue colour from fabric that had just been brightened with Whitex Wonder Whitener.  The optical brighteners used in our bleach-free brightening product reduce yellowing on washable white fabric. Whitex was created to help keep fabrics like: nylon, acetate, rayon, silk, wool, linen & cotton looking new.  The brightener is blue; only a small amount is needed to enhance your fabric.  

If you can see a blue colour on your fabric, you have used too much product.  One easy way to lighten the blue colour is to immediately wash your fabric on an extended cycle with your detergent of choice.  If after machine washing the blue still persists, you could use Colour Remover to lighten the blue according to the directions.  When the blue has lightened enough you can wash the sweater again and dry as usual.  

Washing machine

How to Use Whitex Wonder Whitener


  • Add one teaspoon to one gallon (5 liters) of warm water -- for silk add one teaspoon to two gallons of warm water (10 liters).
  • Add damp prewashed item to this mixture and stir for several minutes.
  • Rinse fabric thoroughly.
  • Wash and dry as you usually do.


  • Wash fabric and leave damp.
  • Add one teaspoon of Whitex Wonder Whitener to your washing machine and fill with water.
  • Add the fabric to the washing machine and run it through the wash cycle.
  • Dry as you usually do.
  • Note: You can also use Whitex in a front loading washing machine when you pre-dissolve (use 4 cups of the warm tap water & completely flush the front loader dispenser with another 4 cups of warm tap water after)

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