Update Denim: Dyeing Jeans

Make dated denim look new or just save money on dry cleaning your dressy denim. Within an hour you can renew your jeans using the washing machine dyeing technique or a hand dyeing method. Try this trick seasonally (or whenever you want a change of colour). Don't worry if you are new to dyeing, there are tips to help you get the best result.

Dyed Jeans

If your jeans have faded evenly you can over-dye the existing colour. To dye denim lighter or a completely different colour use Colour Remover first. It is designed to get most fabrics to a creamy off-white colour. Lighter fabrics will get dyeing results closer to Tintex box colour.

Colour Remover may be used alone to get a darker pair of jeans lighter. You can get creative and experiment with dip dyeing, tie-dyeing, using stencils or even abstract drizzle designs.

Mix equal parts Navy Blue and Black together for the classic deepest blue/black. Adjust the dye formula to be more 'black' or more 'blue' depending on your taste, the dye colour guide has more information on mixing new colours using core Tintex products.

Keep water temperatures at 140°F (you can use a kettle or the microwave to heat the water) for the best absorption. Use one 55g box of dye for a pound of cotton. Double the amount of Tintex for darker colours. Get more fabric dyeing tips.


  • Tintex Black & Navy (or any other colour)
  • Denim or Jeans
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • Plastic bucket, glass or stainless steel bowls


  1. Start with clean damp fabric and prepare dye solution as usual.
  2. Add fabric to dye bath and agitate for 20 - 30 minutes (or more depending on desired intensity)
  3. Rinse fabric until water runs clear.
  4. Wash and dry fabric alone or with similar dark colours.


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