Dye Delicate Sweaters or Knits

Cold temperatures make us want to throw on a cozy sweater, but knowing how to reduce fabric shrinkage while dyeing cotton and wool knits is key. The hand dyeing method may offer more control for delicate knits then using a washing machine.  

Fabric Dye Transforms Your Clothes

A knit sweater will look completely different on you depending on the colour.  Just check out the ones below: Midnight Blue, Charcoal Grey and our brand new Tangerine Orange on a basic sweater. 

Wool and Delicate Hand Dyeing Method

  • Reduce shrinkage: make an outline of the knit before dyeing
  • Mix Dyeing Solution: dissolve required amount of dye in hot water *always check garment care label to know how hot to go
  • Start Dyeing: add the clean wet knit to enough water, so it moves freely and is completely covered
  • Cool Down: allow knit to cool in dye bath until lukewarm, stir constantly (but avoid twisting) for at least 30 minutes
  • Rinsing Knits: rinse in lukewarm water and cold water, until water is clear
  • Squeeze gently: remove as much water as possible (don't wring or twist)
  • Dry: lay knit flat after matching pre-dyeing outline
  • Clean Up: clean container, sink using an appropriate cleanser,  bleach and clean water

Orange sweater

As always it is important to wear gloves so you don't stain your hands or ruin your nail art.  For the best results, make sure that the dye has completely dissolved before adding your sweater.  Try to be extra gentle and do not knot your knit during dyeing or rinsing.  Tintex will give a great result on most washable fabrics but is not is not suitable for 100% acrylic or 100% polyester knits.



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