Dyeing Delicate Cashmere Sweaters or Knits

Tintex products work best with hot water, but you can always adjust the temperature for delicate cashmere knits. Avoid shrinkage by using the fabric care label as a guide of what your correct water temperature should be. Hand techniques keep you in control. If you are using Colour Remover to lighten before dyeing, you can always stop the lightening process and rinse at any time. 

Colour Remover is designed to lighten fabric gently, but your technique impacts dyeing & lightening results. For best results with delicate material, always respect and follow the fabric care instructions (often located at the top centre back seam or along the side seams). Only use the water temperature that your fabric care label suggests. Using a hotter temperature may cause shrinkage or damage.  


In general, we suggest doing a fabric test before starting a dyeing project, but this can also be good for lightening fabric as well. We understand that a ‘sample swatch test’ may not always be possible in every case. If you don’t have access to extra material, you will have to decide if you feel comfortable moving forward without testing. 

You can sometimes over-dye instead of lightening first (example dyeing a lighter colour Black or Dark Brown). If you are dyeing a darker colour, or don't mind having a slight undertone of the original colour you may not need to lighten before. If you only want to lighten the colour or need the cashmere to be off-white or cream than Colour Remover will be needed.

You can create an outline of the knit while dry. Cashmere knits may be very gently stretched back to shape while damp. Always avoid aggressive squeezing or wringing in favour of gently and gradually stretching back into shape (while placed on a clean flat surface for air drying). 

Hand Dye Cashmere Knits

  1. Reduce shrinkage: make an outline of the garment before dyeing 
  2. Mix Dyeing Solution: dissolve required amount of dye in hot water *always check garment care label to know how hot water can be (some garments can only tolerate slightly warm water, Tintex works best with the hottest water a garment can tolerate)
  3. Dyeing: add the clean wet garment to enough water, so it moves freely and is completely covered 
  4. Cool Down: allow garment to cool in dye bath until lukewarm, stir constantly (but avoid twisting) for at least 30 minutes 
  5. Rinsing: rinse in lukewarm water and cold water, until water is clear (you could drain and then refill with clean water if using a sink) 
  6. Squeeze Gently: remove as much water as possible (don't wring or twist). If needed, you could blot garment with a old dark towel: roll garment and towel together while pressing down gently (the towel will help absorb excess water). Repeat if necessary.
  7. Dry: lay garment flat after matching pre-dyeing outline 
  8. Clean Up: clean container or sink using an appropriate cleanser, bleach and clean water.  There are many tips available to help you wash delicate cashmere garments.


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