Dyed Sock Holiday Wreath DIY

Want to try something different this season? It is easy to up-cycle socks into a cute DIY holiday wreath, and you may have most of the supplies at home now. Use a classic red & green theme or match the fabric dye to your home decor.

You can try hand dyeing methods or use the washing machine to dye to your socks. After the fabric is dyed you simply arrange and secure on a wreath frame in alternating colours.


Red Socks

  • Cardinal or Scarlet Red & Kelly or Forrest Green
  • Optional: Whitex Wonder Whitener (could be used to brighten white fabric)
  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Rubber gloves
  • Light coloured socks to dye
  • Wreath frame 
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Optional: additional accents for wreath (felt, bulbs, pinecones etc.) 

Project Directions: 

Follow box or website dying instructions as needed:
  1. It is ideal to completely dissolve dye solution and thoroughly mix dye powder with a cup or two of very hot water (example: use a kettle to heat water). Add the liquid dye solution to your dye bath (example: bowl, sink, bucket). Avoid uneven dyeing and don't add fabric until all dye is thoroughly mixed.
  2. Agitation helps fabric absorb dye: your prepared (example: washed & damp) fabric needs to be completely submerged and moving in your dye bath. Active dying times may vary from 20 - 60 minutes (depending on fabric content or desired colour intensity).
Make Holiday Wreath:
  1. Carefully make one cut through your wreath to slide the socks onto your wreath.
  2. Slide the socks onto your wreath compactly so they do not shift and expose the bare wreath.
  3. When finished placing the socks seal it together using a hot glue gun.

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