Do Sheets Need Colour Remover or Whitex Before Dyeing?

How do you go about dyeing your plain white sheets another colour? Dyeing sheets is basically the same as dyeing any other fabric. The only difference is the size. The washing machine is good for dyeing larger items a single colour. Other hand techniques may be more suitable for ombre or multi-coloured or tie-dye designs.

Prepare your sheets by washing as usual (avoid fabric softener) and leave damp. Tintex works well on damp material and it is always good to start with clean fabric.

Starting with white sheets means that the colours that you decide to dye will be closer to our package colour. You always get a better result with a very light base colour like white/cream. Starting with a base that is in the same colour family as the dye you are using will also help create a vibrant or dark colour, this is why you don't always have to lighten your fabric for every project. 

Colour Remover and Whitex Wonder Whitener do different things. They are not interchangeable. If you already have white sheets that you want to dye another colour, you do not need to use Whitex.  You could optionally use Colour Remover if you sheets are stained, but results may vary.

Colour Remover is designed to prepare fabric before dyeing in cases when the existing colour is not white, off-white or cream. It is also used when over-dyeing would not be appropriate to make the desired colour (example: an existing red fabric dyed blue will turn purple). Colour Remover may possibly help lighten an existing stain before dyeing. This is optional and results vary depending on the condition of the fabric (dyeing darker may not cover stains). 

Whitex Wonder Whitener is an optical bleach-fee brightener that ‘enhances’ white fabric. It is not used for lightening fabric before dyeing, but to make whites look better. Tintex is an all-purpose hot water dye. Each project may experience some colour transfer after dyeing due to the type of dye we use in our product. 

Colour transfer may happen in the washing machine and/or when a dyed fabric gets wet. Dark colours may transfer on light furniture (example: freshly dyed jeans sitting on a white sofa). For best results after dyeing, it is ideal to wash fabric separately or with similar colours. You may iron your fabric after dyeing as needed



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