St Patricks Day: Dyeing with Green

Dyeing with green is a given this time of year. St Patricks Day is almost here and now is the time to break out the green fabric dye. Tintex an all-purpose dye product, dyes most washable fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, nylon, acetate, rayon, wool, spandex and viscose). For St Patricks day (or any holiday) there are so many techniques to use to, dye clothes, home décor items or even non-fabric items like paper, wood, feathers etc...

St Patricks Day Dyeing Projects

Dye Fabric Brighter:

Know the right amount to use.  One 32g compact box for just over half a pound of cotton, linen, silk, spandex & viscose; use 2 compact boxes (64g) for just over a pound of nylon, acetate, rayon & wool. Use one regular 55g box for 1-pound (454g), of cotton, linen, silk, spandex & viscose; use two regular boxes (110g) for 1-pound (454g), of nylon, acetate, rayon & wool. One of our professional bulk products 80-pounds of fabric. Double the usual amount for dark or bright colours.

Mix a Pastel Dye Colour:

Create a new light pastel mint green by using 1/8 tsp (or less) of fabric dye(s) dissolved in 1 cup of hot water. As an example: 1/2 tsp of brilliant yellow, 1 tsp of kelly green will makes a light green but by using only 1/8 of a tsp of both kelly green and brilliant yellow the colour is so much softer (substitute suggested dyes or amounts to get totally different green colours as needed).

Get the best results when dyeing solution is completely dissolved. Dissolve dye powder with a small amount of hot water and then add the solution to the larger amount of hot water in the chosen dye bath. 

Materials Needed:

  • Tintex fabric dye (Forest Green, Kelly Green, or make a custom green colour)
  • Plastic cover to protect workspace
  • Rubber gloves
  • Teaspoon or tablespoon (as needed)
  • Measuring cup
  • Kettle or microwave
  • Fabric 
  • Bowl (stainless steel, glass, plastic etc.)
  • Paper towel (optional)

Project Directions:

  1. Protect work area with plastic and wear gloves to avoid staining hands.
  2. Boil water in a kettle and set aside for 10 minutes or until water has cooled slightly. Water can also be heated up in a microwave for 1-2 minutes in a microwave safe container
  3. Mix 1 cup hot water with Tintex. Create a custom shade by mixing different amounts of 1-3 colours. Brighter or darker colours will use more dye; pastels will use less dye. Get creative and experiment mixing different intensities.  Add enough hot water to the dye bath so the fabric will be covered.
  4. Test dye colour created with 1 cup of water and Tintex on a paper towel, if you are happy add it to the dye bath and stir to mix completely.
  5. Place fabric in the dye bath and make sure it is completely covered. Stir and agitate fabric for 10-40 minutes depending on colour intensity desired.  Check before removing to ensure that desired colour is achieved; hue will appear darker while wet.
  6. Rinse until water runs clear, don't wring.
  7. Air dry or wash/dry as usual using dryer; iron at low temperature if needed
  8. Clean-up, as soon as possible after dyeing.



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