Wool Gets a New Look

Spring may be here in some parts of the country, but where we are it is still snowing. We want to be warm while having a pop of colour that reminds us of warmer weather.  The solution is to dye our winter white wool more cheerful colours; the addition of colour make such a big difference.

Material Needed:

  • Tintex fabric dye of choice
  • Plastic cover to protect workspace
  • Rubber (or plastic) gloves
  • Spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Container to mix dye
  • Plastic bucket or stainless steel sink
  • Kettle or microwave or the hottest water from the tap 
  • Paper towel (optional for testing dye colour)

Dyeing Project Instructions:

  1. Reduce shrinkage: make an outline of the garment before dyeing 
  2. Mix Dyeing Solution: dissolve required amount of dye in hot water *check garment care label to know how hot water can be (some garments can only tolerate slightly warm water, Tintex works best with the hottest water a garment can tolerate)
  3. Dyeing: add the clean wet garment to enough water, so it moves freely and is completely covered 
  4. Cool Down: allow garment to cool in dye bath until lukewarm, stir constantly (but avoid twisting) for at least 30 minutes 
  5. Rinsing: rinse in lukewarm water and cold water, until water is clear (you could drain and then refill with clean water if using a sink) 
  6. Squeeze Gently: remove as much water as possible (don't wring or twist). If needed, you could blot garment with a old dark towel: roll garment and towel together while pressing down gently (the towel will help absorb excess water). Repeat if necessary.
  7. Dry: lay garment flat after matching pre-dyeing outline 
  8. Clean Up: clean container or sink using an appropriate cleanser, bleach and clean water.

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