Dyed Feather DIY In 5 Easy Steps

Dyeing feathers is an unexpected way to use the fabric dye that you already have.  Feathers accent home decor, craft or fashion accessories for the whole family.  Kids will have fun attaching dyed feathers to art or craft projects; you can them to enhance wreaths, floral arrangements or festive tablescapes for any special event.  It's easy to turn a white feather into a brightly coloured feather in no time.

Cardinal red dyed feather

Brilliant yellow dyed feather

Dyed Feather Materials Needed:

  • White feathers 
  • Measuring cup
  • Spoons (teaspoon and/or tablespoon) 
  • Dyeing container (plastic, stainless steel, glass container etc.)
  • Rubber or plastic gloves
  • Paper towels for testing colour & bloating
  • Scrap fabric (optional for blotting feathers)
  • Plastic cover for work area

Instructions to Dye Feathers:

  1. Protect work area with plastic & wear rubber gloves; feathers are best clean--if needed, clean feathers with soap & water before dyeing
  2. Create a custom colour or use 2 tablespoons of chosen dye with 2-4 cups of the hottest water, mix well and add to container (you may want to test the dye colour on a paper towel)
  3. Immerse feathers in dye bath so they are covered with dye (this does not apply for ombre dipping method)
  4. Gently stir feathers until they are a shade darker than wanted for up to 5 minutes (colour appears darker when wet); some darker or brighter colours may take longer, so adjust dyeing time to suit your project
  5. Rinse feathers gently in warm water; air dry on paper towels; arrange feathers into desired shape when completely dry

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