Want the Facts Wed - Dyeing Satin & Sateen Fabric

We were asked about how to use fabric dye to transform a satin wedding dress for an anniversary party. Satin is a fabric weave, and just like a plain or twill weave it is the fabric content that impacts dyeing.


Satin is a weave that produces a sheen on the face of the fabric while the back is dull. The face of satin fabric is smooth with an unbroken surface of floating long warp yarns. Satin weave structure is often used with silk.

Satin dress

Sateen creates a satin weave structure with cotton yarns. They make a soft sheen and smooth surface (instead of silk). Warp yarns float over weft yarns and standard weaves go over/under.

Satin Trench



Satin & Sateen Fabric Dyeing Tips 

Satin and Sateen fabric can be used to make a variety of coats, dresses, skirts, scarves, curtains or bedding. Tintex will dye cotton and silk but isn't for 100% polyester.  Check to see what your fabric is made of before dyeing. Test dye on a small swatch before dyeing an entire garment.  Try using the hand dyeing method for dyeing delicate silk scarves or visit the getting started section for more dyeing information



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