Fashion Friday - Monochromatic Outfits

Tonal fashion is an easy way to have fun with fabric dye.  Pick a colour like Cardinal Red or Scarlet Red fabric dye and use different shades  throughout your outfit.  Experimenting is fun, our fabric dye Colour Guide has more information about creating new colours.

Dyed Monochromatic Colour Fall Outfit Tips

  • Consistency: use one colour throughout the same outfit in different shades
  • Layering:  introduce interest by using tights, socks or gloves as colour accessories 
  • Bright or Soft:  use the boldest and softest shades in one outfit

Red Sweater & Skirt

Red Sweater & Skirt

Red Shirt

Dyed Red Shirt

Red Top

Dyed Red Top


Red Scarf

Red Scarf

Red Skirt

Red skirt



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