Hand Dyeing with Tintex: Tips for Success

Results may vary with hand dyeing methods due to technique. The best way to achieve even coloured results is by dissolving the dye completely.  

Some find it's easier to use another container filled with 1 or 2 cups hot water to dissolve the powder, before adding dyeing solution to main dye bath; others are content to add powder directly to heated water. For even colour and the best results, always make sure that all powder is completely dissolved.

Hot Water Helps Dissolve Dye Powder

Sink Dyeing  Sink Dyeing
  1. Heat water to a simmer for the stove dyeing technique, or use a kettle or microwave for the sink or bucket technique.
  2. Use temperatures of 140°F (or more) get the best result (may vary due to fabric content). 
  3. Completely dissolve dye by stirring constantly and add to dye bath only when it is totally dissolved.

Hand dyeing requires more or less time (10-60 minutes) depending on colour intensity desired. The best colour is achieved by using constant agitation for the entire period (single dyed items only; not needed for ombre, tie dye or spray bottle techniques).

Uneven colour may occur for a few different reasons, the FAQ dyeing page has more examples. Marks or separation could be caused by dye not being completely dissolved before being added to a dye bath. The solution is to completely dissolve dye in the hottest water that your fabric can handle, and make sure that fabric is always agitated.

Secret to Getting Bright or Dark Colours

Dyed tangerine orange rope

Colour intensity may vary from box colour to light shades depending on time spent in dye bath. For brighter shades, fabric needs extended and unceasing agitation (try 30 minutes to up to an hour); for lighter shades dyeing time decreases to anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

Use double the usual amount of brilliant yellow for brighter shades; dyes will appear darker while wet. More information is in our dye colour guide section.

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