Tintex Thursday - Dyed Pink Crinoline Project

The warm weather means it is time for ~wedding season~ and each bride has a different vision for her wedding day. White is great but a pop of pink is always super pretty for a summer wedding. One creative bride-to-be chose pink as her special colour and found out that adding a secret pink accent is easy with fabric dye. 

Using the hand dyeing method turned a basic white crinoline into a pink showpiece.  A crinoline is used to add volume under clothes and has a crisp hand so it can support other fabrics (nylons & cotton are used to create the fabric).  Follow the easy hand-dyeing instructions to update & customize a crinoline.

Pink dyed crinoline project


Hand Fabric Dying Tips for Success

  • Use 55g for 1 pound (454g), of cotton, use 110g for 1 pound (454g), of nylon; double the normal amount for dark or bright colours
  • The hand dyeing method is ideal when you are testing a custom colour of dye (you can easily add more dye or hot water).
  • Wet the item fully and squeeze out excess water; fill bucket/sink/bathtub with a sufficient amount of the hottest water available so to ensure that the item will be completely submerged.
  • Add the dye mixture to the hot water in your bucket/sink/bathtub and stir/agitate until it is evenly dissolved.
  • Place fabric in dye bath and stir for up to 30 minutes.
  • Remove the fabric and gently squeeze the excess dye solution out but do not wring.
  • Rince in cold water until the water runs clear and air-dry (you may iron on a low setting when slightly damp)
  • Clean the workstation using soap and/or bleach with warm water asap after dyeing.

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