12 pack Colour Remover #60


Tintex COLOUR REMOVER is used before dyeing to achieve the best results by improving the absorption of our dyes.

Use before dyeing a dark article a lighter colour. Lightening fabric before dyeing helps create a blank slate for your next DIY project. Lighten fabric to get to a cream, warm white, off-white or ivory colour. When you start with a lighter base your final dyeing result may be closer to box colour.

The stove top method is the best way to lighten but you can still get good results using a machine. Results may vary with each fabric; repeat application if necessary.

A successful lightening project has 3 main parts:

  • Hot water (simmering is ideal for the hand technique)
  • Agitation (keep moving fabric around in the solution)
  • Time in solution (extended time, beyond the minimum may be needed for the most lightening)