Dyeing Colour Wheel

The dye colour guide helps you mix new colours using the 17 core Tintex dyes, but the colour wheel can help you when over dyeing. Existing colour effects results if your fabric isn't already white, cream or ivory.  When you are dyeing a darker colour lighter you will need to lighten fabric. Colour Remover lightens fabric to cream or off-white so you have a good base for your new dye colour.

If you are dyeing your fabric a similar or darker colour you don't have to lighten before starting. You can get new colours by over dyeing. (example: red fabric turns purple if you dye it blue without lightening the colour before). Your desired colour results will often dictate if you decide to lighten before or over dye.  See how the colours relate below: 

Colour Wheel


Basic Colour Theory For Dyeing:

Primary Colours: Red, Yellow & Blue combine to make all other colours.

Scarlet Red Dyed Fabric Brilliant Yellow Dyed Fabric Royal Blue Dyed Fabric

Secondary Colours mix two primary colours (Red, Yellow or Blue) together.

Dark Plum Dyed Fabric Tangerine Orange Dyed Fabric Forest Green Dyed Fabric

Purple *called Violet in colour theory = (Red + Blue)  
Orange = (Red + Yellow)
Green = (Yellow + Blue)
    Tertiary Colours: mix adjacent primary and secondary together
    Red Violet = (Red + Purple)
    Red Orange  = (Red + Orange)
    Yellow Orange  = (Yellow + Orange)
    Yellow Green = (Yellow + Green)
    Blue Green = (Blue + Green)
    Blue Violet = (Blue + Purple)
      Complementary Colours are opposite on the colour wheel (Orange & Blue, Yellow & Purple and Red & Green). 

      Tangerine Orange Dyed Fabric Royal Blue Dyed Fabric Brilliant Yellow Dyed Fabric Purple Dyed Fabric Scarlet Red Dyed Fabric Forest Green Dyed Fabric

      Split Complementary Colour: Choose two colours on either side of a complementary colour (for example: Yellow, Blue Violet & Red Violet). 

      Analogous: side by side on the colour wheel (Red, Red Orange & Orange). 

      Monochromatic: different shades of the same colour extended using tints & tones