Tintex Fabric Dye Instructions

The Tintex Fabric Dye box instructions are short & general due to space constraints, but more detailed dyeing methods are available on our website.

The amount of Tintex needed for any project depends on the fiber content, fabric weight and the desired colour intensity needed. 

  • Use one 32g compact box for just over half a pound of cotton, linen, silk, spandex & viscose; use two compact 32g boxes (64g) for just over a pound of nylon, acetate, rayon & wool.
  • Use one standard sized 55g box for 1-pound (454g), of cotton, linen, silk, spandex & viscose; use two standard 55g boxes for 1-pound (454g), of nylon, acetate, rayon & wool
  • Our large 5-pound pail of dye for up to 40-pounds (18,144kg) of fabric.

Easily change colour intensity and get results that are lighter/darker than the norm by adjusting the amount of dye powder used (dye colour guide has more detailed info).

  • Double the usual amount for darker or brighter colours (ex: black, navy, red etc.)
  • Use less than the required amount for your fabric content or weight for pastels or lighter colours.

HAND FABRIC DYEING METHOD:fabric dyed clothes

Basic Method: in a container or sink, dissolve the required amount of Tintex in the hottest water available. Add the clean wet article to enough water, so it moves freely and is completely covered.

Stove Top Method (use this method for darker, deeper colours): in a pot, dissolve the required amount of Tintex in the hottest water available. Bring solution to a simmer before adding any article.

  1. Agitate article constantly for at least 30 minutes in an up and down motion to avoid twisting fabric. If shade obtained is not dark enough, remove article and repeat process.
  2. Rinse in warm water, then cold water, until clear. Squeeze gently to remove as much water as possible. Hang to dry, do not wring or spin.
  3. *Optional for wool: create an outline before dyeing. Allow article to cool in dye bath until lukewarm, stir constantly. Thoroughly rinse in lukewarm and cool water. Squeeze gently, do not wring. Dry article flat after matching pre-dyeing outline.
  4. Clean container, sink or pot immediately using an appropriate cleanser and bleach if needed (certain materials may stain permanently).

 *Note: Do not use containers that food will come in contact with for dyeing.


*Note: More detailed washing machine instructions (including top & front loading machines) are in the dyeing techniques menu.

  • Use a clean empty washing machine. Fill washer with enough of the hottest water available. Add required amount of dissolved Tintex to water and stir. Place wet articles into machine, water must cover fabric and fabric must move freely.
  • Set washer to hot cycle of 30 minutes or more with a cool rinse.
  • Optional: stop cycle after rinse stage, remove article. Squeeze gently to remove as much water as possible. You may need to repeat the rinse process for darker colours
  • Clean washer immediately: run a high water cycle with hot water, detergent and bleach. Clean all interior parts to remove any traces of dye.

Discolouration on plastic or rubber parts may occur but won’t stain laundry.