St. Patrick's Day Collection

Use Forest or Kelly Green and Brilliant Yellow for St.Patrick's Day projects. ***You can also make a custom green colour by mixing Brilliant Yellow with any of our blue dyes.    

  • Make Pastel Green: use 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 tsp of Forest or Kelly Green mixed with 1 cup hot water. Start with the smallest amount and add more dye or hot water as needed. You can also experiment with adding a small amount of another dye colour like Brilliant Yellow (try 1/8 teaspoon Kelly Green + 1/2 teaspoon Brilliant Yellow or 1/8 teaspoon Forest Green + 1 teaspoon Brilliant Yellow) to change the tone. You can easily adjust the amount of dyes used in your custom recipie as needed.
  • Lighten Forest Green: use less dye and add Tan Beige/Brilliant Yellow (when you use less dye than usual, the colour will  be lighter than the package).
  • Darken Kelly Green: a small amount of  neutral colours like Brown, Dark Brown, or deep rich dyes like Charcoal Grey/Black will make Kelly Green darker. 
  • Mix Olive Green: mix 1 tablespoon Brilliant Yellow + 1 teaspoon Kelly Green + 1/4 tsp Black or Charcoal Grey (with 1 cup hot water) or substitute 1/2 teaspoon Forest Green + 1  teaspoon Brilliant Yellow (with 1 cup hot water). Get creative and adjust the amounts and colours of dye used in your recipe as needed. Black can substitute for Charcoal Grey and Tan Beige could substitute for Brilliant Yellow.
  • Make Colours Brighter or Deeper: Use the hottest water possible  (no tap water) for your fabric, try the stove top dyeing method, heat water with a kettle or use 140°F water.
  • ***Optional Mixing Blue & Yellow Together: mix equal amounts of blue and green or vary the amount by mixing more of one than the other. Using one teaspoon Brilliant Yellow + 2 teaspoons of Midnight Blue (substitute Navy or Royal Blue as needed) makes a custom dark emerald or forest colour. In general, adding more blue will make the colour darker, while adding more yellow will make the green lighter/warmer. Adjust the amounts of dye used as needed when creating custom colours.

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