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Neutral Base for Over-Dyeing

Dyeing is simplest when the base fabric is already a light neutral colour like off-white or cream. Freshening up a faded colour is an easy over-dyeing project. All you need to do is use the same colour that your fabric already is and after dyeing the fabric will look just like new. Sometimes you may not want to lighten the colour of the fabric before dyeing. Over-dyeing is a quick way to refresh colour, but you can also make different colours because of the existing colour of the fabric. Your existing fabric colour impacts what the new dye colour will look like....Read more

Colour Wheel

Spot Dyeing Fabric: Touch-Up Basics

Do you have a light spot stopping you from wearing something?. Consider the 'spot treating' dyeing technique when there is a small area that is la different colour than the rest of your garment. This technique may help you ‘touch up’ a small lighter area in your fabric....Read more

Hot Water Dye Tips

Tintex is a hot water direct fabric dye. Our dye is designed to work on most washable fabrics (not for 100% polyester or 100% acrylic). All-purpose fabric dyes provide bright colours, but the wash-fastness may differ from other dye types. 

Tips for Successful Dyeing Projects

  • Tintex works best on clean and damp fabric with the powder dissolved in very hot water (use a kettle or microwave to heat the water). Hot tap water is not ideal.
  • The hand dyeing, stovetop method is the preferred technique for bright and deep colours. 
  • Use double the usual amount of dye for the dry fabric weight to get more vibrant colours.
  • Active dyeing times may vary from 20 or 30 minutes to an hour depending on desired results and the fabric used. You can optionally wrap your tie dye project in plastic wrap overnight if desired.
  • For best results, it is beneficial to wash freshly dyed items alone or with similar colours. You can also hang to dry after dyeing and optionally use an iron.

Living Coral Pantone's 2019 Colour

Pantone has announced the new Colour of the Year for 2019. Living Coral is a soft warm coral. You can make a custom dye for Living Coral by just mixing these popular colours together...Read more

Living coral

Substituting Dye Colours

Have a colour problem? The solution is often just using core Tintex fabric dye colours -- you probably already have the colours you need at home. Learn how to substitute one colour for another and make your own custom colours. Mix core Tintex colours together to create a new shade for your dyeing project.

Using a smaller amount of any darker dye from the same colour family can create a light pastel colour...Read more

Grey Sweater

Pink Tintex

One of the most asked questions we used to get was about how to make the colour pink. Using less Scarlet or Cardinal Red will make pink (adjust amounts used to make lighter or darker intensities). The colour guide has more information about mixing dye colours. 

Now you can also get pink fabric dye bulk exclusively form our store...Read more

Bulk Pink Fabric Dye

Dyed Sock Holiday Wreath DIY

This simple holiday craft will help you add a little bit more holiday cheer while you up-cycle old socks into a wreath...Read more

Red Socks

Dyeing Delicate Cashmere Sweaters or Knits

Tintex products work best with hot water, but you can always adjust the temperature for delicate cashmere knits. Avoid shrinkage by using the fabric care label as a guide of what your correct water temperature should be. Hand techniques keep you in control. If you are using Colour Remover to lighten before dyeing, you can always stop the lightening process and rinse at any time. 

Colour Remover is designed to lighten fabric gently, but your technique impacts dyeing & lightening results. For best results with delicate material, always respect and follow the fabric care instructions (often located at the top centre back seam or along the side seams). Only use...Read more

Dyed Sweater

Easy Halloween Queen of Hearts Costume

There are so many options for Halloween each year, but red and black always look perfect.  The Queen of Hearts is an easy last minute costume that looks great.  Use the things that you already have at home as a base and play up your makeup for a look that will off with their turn heads...Read more

Ice-Dyed Wool Coat

We love how this custom ice-dyed wool coat project turned out. Ice dyeing can be a good way to dye delicate fabrics that are prone to shrinking. Tintex powder is sprinkled overtop the ice and as it melts the fabric may be set aside or...Read more

Ice Dyed Wool Coat

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