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Dyeing with Pots

Using the stovetop fabric dyeing technique produces vibrant or deep colours. Avoid using dyeing containers to prepare food, but remember that pots do not need to be fancy.  You can find inexpensive pots at reesale thrift stores, garage sales, kitchen outlets or even big box stores...Read more



Tips to Remove Dye From Hands

Sometimes you can accidentally get a little dye where you weren't expecting.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water ASAP.   When possible, try and stick with soap and water for stain removal on your skin. You can try using a paste of backing soda mixed with a little water as a natural cleaning solution...Read more

Rubber Gloves

Fabric Dyeing 101 Checklist

We list the most important things to know for a first-time fabric dyer.  Only a few supplies needed for success. To start, weigh your fabric to know how much product to use -- double the normal amount for dark or bright colours. Make sure that you have access to a clean, flat surface and remove any other unrelated clutter from that could interfere with...Read more

Fabric Dye Questions   

What Tintex Dyes

Often people will ask questions about Tintex. We are happy to help you know the fabrics our product responds to. Tintex is for most washable fabric (and cord) made up of natural or synthetic fibres. You can dye many common organic items around your home too. Get creative and add colour to update clothes, renew home accents or make colourful crafts for your friends & family...Read more

Women Holding Dyed T Shirts

Pastel Dye Projects For Spring

Spring is here, so it is a great time to update the old and add more light pastel colours to your dyeing projects. Even bright Tintex colours can make the most beautiful pastels. For lighter colours, just use smaller amounts of any core dye. 

Mix 1/4 tsp of brilliant yellow + 1/4 tsp of tan beige + 1/8 tsp of scarlet red to make peach. Use 1/8 tsp of Brilliant Yellow to make ivory or cream. To get a soft millennial pink, mix 1/8 tsp Cardinal Red + 1/8 tsp Tan Beige. Use 1/8 tsp Midnight Blue + 1/8 tsp Charcoal Grey mixed to make serene baby blue...Read more

Peach Tank top and Breif    

Mother's Day Dyed Paper Card Project

Use the fabric dye that you already have in an unexpected and creative way.  This craft is perfect for beginners; in minutes you can create custom designed Mother’s Day cards, beautiful scrapbook paper or gift tags using your favorite colour of Tintex...Read more


Dyeing Easter Eggs

Spring is here and soon the Easter egg hunt will begin. Even if you don't have kids, decorated eggs can be a cute addition to spring table scape. Learn how to use up your extra dye by making cute egg designs...Read more

Easter eggs


Spring Jean Update

When dyeing denim (or any fabric) the existing colour can be lightened before so you get the best results dyeing a dark colour lighter. Instead of using bleach you can use Colour Remover. Bleach can often leave an unwanted yellow tone, but Colour Remover gently lightens fabric colour without yellowing fabric...Read more


Dyeing Different Shades of Green

With St Patrick's Day almost here you may want to know how to make different shades of green. How would one go about making olive green or pastel green with Forest or Kelly Green? You can mix many custom colours with a box of dye. It is even better if you have two different colours to work with. Make a dye colour sample by starting with the smallest amount and...Read more

Oscar Pink Colours

All kinds of pink was worn on the Oscar red carpet. There is definitely a shade for everyone since everything from the lightest rose quartz to the boldest hot pink looked beautiful...Read more

 Pink Dye