Dye Fabric In The Washing Machine

Some projects are easier or faster when the washing machine does all the agitation for you. You can use any top or front load washing machine to dye oversized or bulky items that are too big for hand dyeing methods. For best results, never overload the machine; don't dye more than 8 pounds of fabric (or use more than 8 boxes of Tintex when using a machine).

Simple Instructions For Machine Dyeing

The washing machine instructions on the Tintex box are short and more general due to space constraints. If needed, you can adapt instructions to suit your particular washing machine and/or dyeing project. The more detailed washing machine instructions in the dyeing technique area of the website, include top and front-loaders.  

Washing Machine

In general, the washing machine dyeing technique is somewhat similar between top & front loaders:


Pre-dissolve Tintex dye solution completely and add to washing machine (top loaders require you to mix solution into the basin water and front loaders have solution added where detergent usually goes -- flush dispenser thoroughly with water after adding dye solution)
Hot water cycles vary from 30 minutes minimum to 60 minutes maximum, darker dye colours require a longer cycle, lighter colours need a shorter cycle 
Clean-up Immediately after dyeing with hot water and bleach, rubber or plastic parts can tint, but won't stain your laundry.

    Helpful Load Tips:

    1. Smaller load: underwear, scarves, shrugs & wraps, socks & tights, short or long sleeve T-shirts, button-down shirts & light vests, pillow slips, table runners 
    2. Medium load: sweats & denim, skirts, dresses & pants, tablecloths, heavier denim jackets, sweaters, hand towel sets, non rubber backed mats, smaller sheet sets, heavy robes
    3. Largest load: large slipcovers, larger sheet sets, duvet covers, bedspreads

    Do you use the washing machine for dyeing projects? 

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