Dyeing Renews Denim Colour

You can easily renew your denim using Tintex and the hand dyeing method (or use the washing machine). If your jeans have faded evenly you can simply over-dye the existing colour. The classic deep, inky-blue jeans (below) were created by over-dyeing the existing medium blue with our black fabric dye.

Dyed Jeans

Over-dyeing is a simple way to extend the life of your jeans. You can also use a different colour to over-dye with; the Dye Colour Wheel helps explain colour theory. Existing colour will always impact the results (unless the fabric has been lightened with Colour Remover). You can create a brand new colour or change the undertone of the fabric, depending on the dye that you choose.  For example, if your jeans are red and you over-dye blue you could create purple or even fuchsia depending on the blue dye colour and/or amount of dye used.

Blue jeans look like new after over dyeing. We used two 55g packs of black fabric dye (for a few pairs of faded blue jeans). By over-dyeing we achieved a dark blue/black undertone for a classic raw denim look.

For the best results test colour before to be sure that you are happy with the intensity. Tintex is a hot water dye, if possible, keep water temperatures at 140°F for the best absorption. Use more dye per fabric weight for deeper colour, or less dye for lighter colour. Use one standard sized 55g box for a pound of cotton, and double amount for darker or brighter colours (dye colour guide has more info about mixing). 

How to Hand Dye Jeans

  1. Wet the fabric and squeeze out excess water. 
  2. Fill bucket/sink/bathtub with a sufficient amount of the hottest water available so fabric will be fully submerged (don't place in water yet).
  3. Add Tintex to 2 cups of very hot water, stirring until completely dissolved (add more water if needed).
  4. Add dye solution to the hot water in bucket/sink/bathtub and agitate until it is evenly dispersed throughout the water.
  5. Add your fabric to the dyebath and move the fabric around for 20 - 60 minutes (or until desired colour has been achieved).
  6. Remove fabric and gently squeeze the excess dye solution out but do not wring.
  7. Run cold water over the fabric to remove excess dye, continue until water runs clear.
  8. Allow the item to air-dry, and iron on a low setting when slightly damp.
  9. Clean the workstation using soap and/or bleach (if needed) with warm water asap after dyeing
  10. Wash and dry fabric with similar colours for first few washings, or as needed.

How will you dye your jeans?


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