Spring Jean Update

When dyeing denim a pastel, the existing colour can be lightened before. Instead of Use Colour Remover to gently lighten your denim without damage.

Make any Tintex colour a pastel just by using less dye powder mixed with hot water (example: use a small amount of scarlet red for pastel pink).*Our pink dye is available at Dollarama (in new 50g packaging) or order 10-pound tubs of Pink at our fabric dye store. 


A small amount of any dye makes a pastel (example: use 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 tsp of dye colour mixed with 1 cup hot water). Start with the smallest amount and add more dye or hot water as needed. 

1/8 tsp Cardinal Red + 1/8 tsp Tan Beige = Rose Quartz 

Cardinal Red Dyed Fabric Tan Beige Dyed Fabric Rose Quartz Dyed Fabric

 1/8 tsp Midnight Blue + 1/8 tsp Charcoal Grey = Serenity 

Midnight Blue Dyed Fabric Charcoal Grey Dyed Fabric Serenity Dyed Fabric

    1/8 tsp Brilliant Yellow = Cream

      Brilliant Yellow Dyed Fabric Cream Dyed Fabric

      1/8 tsp Purple + 1/8 Midnight Blue  = Lavender

      Purple Dyed Fabric Midnight Blue Dyed Fabric Lavender Dyed Fabric



      • Colour Remover
      • Tintex Fabric Dye of choice
      • Jeans or denim fabric
      • Plastic cover to protect workspace
      • Rubber or plastic gloves
      • Spoon
      • Measuring cup
      • Container to mix dye (optional)
      • Plastic bucket 
      • Kettle or microwave 
      • Paper towel (optional for testing dye colour)


      1. Follow the instructions for using Colour Remover
      2. Protect work area with plastic & wear rubber gloves
      3. Wet the jeans and squeeze out excess water 
      4. Fill bucket with the hottest water available 
      5. Mix the dye in two cups of hot water, stirring until completely dissolved (use the dye colour guide to create a custom hue), test colour on a paper towel and adjust intensity as needed
      6. Add the dye mixture to the hot water and stir 
      7. Add the jeans to the dye bath and stir for up to 30 minutes (or until the colour is a little darker than what you want)
      8. Remove the jeans from the dye bath and gently squeeze the excess solution (don't wring)
      9. Rinse in cold water until water runs clear
      10. Air-dry, optional: iron on a low setting while slightly damp
      11. Clean the workstation using soap and/or bleach with warm water ASAP after dyeing


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